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Transforming Lives

Tarun is a decorated Military Officer with a career spanning close to three decades of roller-coaster ride, be it fighting insurgents in the valleys of J&K, India or rebels on the West Coast of Africa, Sierra Leone. His "Never Say Die Approach" manifested in him surviving grievous multiple splinter injuries at the Highest Battlefield in the world - The Siachen Glacier.

Force Multipliers means a factor or a combination of factors that gives you the ability to accomplish greater things than without it.

A prolific speaker, certified coach, influencer, motivator, MBA in HR, security consultant - Tarun believes that we all have the potential to be a Leader but our capacity to lead is buried under our lack of  belief; therefore, what we require is the right attitude supported by a robust belief system and the world is waiting for a new leader to emerge. 

Do you have it in you?

Whether you want to jump the Corporate ladder, be an entrepreneur or develop a passion into livelihood building a sustainable mentality will boldly take you in accomplishing significant goals and becoming an extraordinary members of any business or community.

He is Your Force Multipliers - He Transforms Lives


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Strategic Business Consultant | Startup Mentor 

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Chanel Partner and Influencer

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