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  • Tarun Kumar

#Leadershiplessons - Purpose

Leaders are very unique people

Their entire existence is about changing the Status quo

When ever we talk about an individual or organisation

We talk about their purpose - significance

Leaders also have to find their purpose

What motivates them, makes them happy

Even if it's not monitised yet is valuable

Making one feel satisfied probably fulfilling

Many ask how do you train Leaders?

I tell them I only train them to be of service to others

We train them to be truthful, which makes them courageous

This gives them the vision to handle difference of opinion

Which is instrumental in understanding human

Once you've understood what motivates people

You emerge as a Leader coz you can help deliver

Why Leadership is complex coz it's different for people

hence tolerance for ambiguity is the hallmark of a Leader

Leadership is a different experience

Your vision of the world is at variance

Yet it helps in personal & professional growth

Do you have it in YOU?

"If you are not using what you know,

why are you so intent on seeking what you do not know?"

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