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  • Tarun Kumar

Small Team Concept (STC)

In high performance environment

We operate in STC in the Army

It’s easy to share your objectives

The response is better

The surgical strikes on terrorist locations

Were a testimony of this concept

What makes Small Teams click

Can this be implemented in Corporates

Lets look at what it takes to succeed

  1. Selection of the right man for the job. Are you a good investment? Time, resources & money smatters.

  2. Prepare your Team as though their life depends on it & that of other  colleagues.

  3. Every member should be able to shoulder additional responsibility, one doesn’t know when one of the Team mates is unavailable - train to fill shoes of members indisposed.

  4. Harden your feet & keep them deeply entrenched - you can’t have blisters in the enemy territory. Similarly, ensure the Team doesn’t succumb to the first wave of adversity.

  5. Have great tools or if not tech savvy then include people who can work wonders with tools. Elon Musk has Harvard & MIT grads delivering his vision - so can you. 

  6. Be great in Navigation - get over tough situations, some can be avoided & others could be circumvented. 

  7. Ability to hone your instincts & gut feeling - situations bring out animal like instincts crucial for survival.

  8. Have the winning mindset - No one likes quitters & most quit when success was just round the corner.

  9. Most of the winning combination is about attitude and robust mentality. This is what Leadership is all about - Your time will come.

Are you leading a high performing team

If you don't lead from front

the team will perish.


Team looks for inspiring Leaders

Those who can uplift the goal

Keep the mission uppermost

Build relationships for continued success


Keep re-inventing or else it becomes boring

View from the top is panoramic

But you’re lonely at the top

Ups & downs keep the life line alive

So is your team moving to the next level or does it need a #forcemultiplier

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1 Comment

Jaswant Singh
Jaswant Singh
Nov 10, 2020

Dear Sir

As expected a great article off course by a Great Human Being i have known.

Very well penned and a great way of Inspiration to all of us and especially for Generation Next.

Proud if u sir and greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us.

It is great to know how the Most professional Army and it's pillars devote themselves for our Great Nation.

Keep writing sir and let it be an start for a great Journey ahead.

God bless you Sir.

With Kind Regards

Jai Hind

Jaswant Singh

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