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How handwriting reveals the Leader?

Maj Nithi CJ (Retired)

Leadership is a conglomeration of traits , inherent, acquired . It is a ship each one of us has to sail on at some point of time. The biggest deterrent in sustaining leadership is the passive approach of ‘I will wait for the opportune moment.’ In leadership we don’t wait for opportunities, we create them. And that is why the need of regular self assessment and introspection comes into play.

But why handwriting? Can handwriting analysis benefit you as a leader ? What kind of a leader are you? These are few questions discussed here.

What does our Handwriting tell?

Whether you write with your hand or feet or mouth, it is all the same. They all will look alike; because they are your handwritings. The handwriting is not done by your hand or feet but by your brain. It is like the ECG of your thoughts and mindset.(Andrea Mc Nichol, op.cit. p. 24).

When we discuss leadership traits , the individual personality of a leader plays a vital role. Studying your personality further tells a graphologist , what kind of goals you have as a leader; are they individual goals, organizational goals , intellectual goals, or materialistic goals.

The Three Zones : Source www.handwriting-

What kind of a leader are you?

We analyze two types of traits , fixed and unfixed traits. Fixed traits don’t change with circumstances for example, Intelligence quotient, aptitude, temperament and identities. Unfixed traits however, change with circumstances and our experiences in life. Your abilities, attitudes, moods , beliefs , motivational level and physical conditions are unfixed traits (D. John Antony, 2008).Leadership demands a combination of both.

Size of the writing is the most significant aspect for a graphologist to identify the leader. Before I explain about the impact of sizes on leadership traits , try this test.

Focus , it is this focus that brings the distinction between the strata of leadership. Graphology describes the strata of leadership into the following:-

(a) Result Oriented Leaders. Large handwriting size (between 5mm-5.5mm). Often you can identify these people as extroverts in public and leader in a very specific field. Such people have public goals and even spend for preserving their public identities. Please notice the handwriting size of Oprah Winfrey in the image.

(b) The Contributors. People with handwriting sizes between 1.5mm-2mm are individuals who are detail oriented and possess personal goals. As their focus is more on the details , results don’t matter to them. They invest judiciously as they don’t take all tasks at once. They’re introverts too. And thus, they’re more suitable as executives than leaders. There are the contributors towards a cause not creators of a cause. Here is the example of Indian Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, iconic in the field of literature, his contributions have been an asset for the society and this makes him a contributor.

Handwriting sample of Rabindranath Tagore

(c) True Leaders. True leaders are people who exaggeratedly write very small. They are extremely focused with a foresight and don’t portray as if they are not the leaders, however in the truest essence they are the game changers. These leaders hold significant impact on the masses and can even manufacture consent (a term for public influence by Noam Chomsky) in societies. Let us take the example of Freedom Revolutionary Bhagat Singh. His social acts and literary works bring out not only the profound leader in him but also singular focus to spread the word of freedom.

An Official letter written by Bhagat Singh during his Jail Tenure obtained from the Internet

(d) Leaders to show. Eccentric people with abnormally large handwriting fall in this category of leadership. Such handwritings are again exaggeration. They may project themselves as leaders and take up the tasks , however, they end up as followers.

Why Self Introspect your Leadership Traits?

Leadership is an act of responsibility. When you are established or you proclaim to lead, a better understanding of your truest self will assist in performing your role efficiently.

You may ask in that can changing your handwriting sizes will make you a better leader. No! Leadership is based on many fixed traits which construct our mindset. Also, the size of writing is one of the factors enabling leadership.

It is only on the basis of a comprehensive analysis which involves other attributes of graphology that we can come to the conclusion of have identified a leader through handwriting.

Even if you desire to emerge as a better leader irrespective of your traits , I would suggest utilize your strengths. Certain weaknesses can be built upon , certain are inherently there. Instead of focusing on your inabilities, look ‘in your abilities’. It is not the presence of certain abilities and inabilities that define a leader, a leader is defined by his/her utilization of these abilities (good or bad) and translating it into logical actions which benefit the cause.

This article is the views and opinions of the author. Maj Nithi CJ (Retired) is an Indian Army Veteran after ten years experience in information security with emphasis on non verbal behavior which includes elicitation techniques like kinesics and handwriting analysis. Now a certified graphologist, she is a freelance and has her own venture named The Inq ( provides graphological consultation for personality studies for institutions, self assessment and enhancement for individuals. She can be reached through her website or on her email

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